April 2018 IFBB Pro League Event Schedule

April 7, 2018 Salt Lake City Pro Presented by @slcgirlrunning LINK: http://ow.ly/ZJ6C30hOISE . April 14, 2018 City Limits Pro Presented by @dredillardifbbpro LINK: http://ow.ly/pYDX30hOJ0c . April 14, 2018 Europa Orlando Presented by @europasports LINK: http://ow.ly/z1xc30hOJ3b . April 14, 2018 Ireland Pro Qualifier Presented by @tamerelguindy LINK: http://ow.ly/OGYz30hOJ5D . April 14, 2018 LA Grand Prix Presented by @tamerelguindy LINK: http://ow.ly/9iP130hOJaU . April 21, 2018 Malaysia Men of Steel Pro Presented by @scitec_malaysia LINK: http://ow.ly/lh5k30hOJfX . April 28, 2018 Muscle Contest Brazil Pro Qualifier Presented by @tamerelguindy LINK: http://ow.ly/GbxT30hOJj

March 2018: 12 IFBB Pro League Events

March 1, 2018 Arnold Classic, USA http://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/…/ifbb-p…/arnold-classic March 10, 2018 Hawaii Pro www.timgardnerproductions.com March 10, 2018 London Pro www.2bpevents.com March 16, 2018 Arnold Classic Australia www.ArnoldSportsFestival.com.au March 24, 2018 New Zealand Pro March 24, 2018 Atlantic Coast Championships www.timgardnerproductions.com March 24, 2018 Fit World Pro www.musclecontest.com March 24, 2018 Upper MidWest Pro www.npcuppermidwest.com March 24, 2018 World Border Klash www.ifbbworldklash.com March 31, 2018 St. Louis Pro-Am www.npcmidwest.com March 31, 2018 Governors Cup www.spectrumfitnessproductions.com March 31, 2018 Indy Pro www.davebowers

February 2018 IFBB Pro League Contest Schedule:

IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier Sheru Classic February 10, 2018 Ludhiana, Punjab, India 5 IFBB Pro Cards Up fo Grabs! www.sheruclassic.com . 2018 Legends Pro February 10, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Bikini Promoter: Jon Lindsay Contact: Tamer El Guindy Website: MUSCLECONTEST.com . 2018 Sheru Classic Colombia February 18, 2018 Medellin, Colombia Classic Physique, Men’s Physique & Bikini Promoter: Sheru Aangrish Contact: sheru@sheruclassic.com Website: www.SHERUCLASSIC.com/columbia.php

2018 IFBB Pro League Schedule

Listing of Upcoming IFBB Pro League Events and our pages set to track results throughout the season: January 2018: Two Events 1) Jan. 6, 2018 Tunisia IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier. https://www.musclepapa.com/tunsia-pro-qualifier-1-6-18 2) Jan 27, 2018 Iran IFBB Pro League International Pro Qualifier https://www.musclepapa.com/iran-pro-qualifier-1-27-18 February 2018: Three Events 3) Feb. 10, 2018 India IFBB Pro League International Pro Qualifier https://www.musclepapa.com/india-pro-qualifier-2-10-18 4) Feb. 10, 2018 Legends Pro https://www.musclepapa.com/legendspro2018 5) Feb. 18, 2018 Sheru Colombia https://www.musclepapa.com/sheruclassiccolombia2018 March 2018: 12 Events. 6) March 1, 2018

IFBB Split & What It Means for Athletes

Question: From Gina Cavaliero John Hawley so hey, was wondering if you could post up a synopsis for lack of a better word about everything that has transpired lately with the NPC, IFBB Pro League, and the emergence of at least I think two new leagues as well? Not sure. I follow your posts and check with sources like NPC news but I’m not very clear on what all has happened and what it means for us athletes. I know the IFBB America says they will award pro cards but will they be recognized with IFBB Professional? I’m confused and I’m guessing others might be as well. IFBB Split & What It Means for Athletes (In my view based on opinion and some hearsay: Corrections welcome) In brief, there wa

How Will Arnold 2018 South America, Africa & Europe Be Selected?

Now that invite lists are out for the 2018 Arnold Classic Columbus & Australia, Pro League events things get unusual as the next several shows in South America (April 20th), Africa (May 18) and Europe (Sept. 21) are affiliated with the international amateur IFBB that started their own fledgling Elite Pro circuit. Do invites go out to existing IFBB Pros that are largely committed to the IFBB Pro League circuit or maybe to the new Elite Pro IFBB athletes coming out of their pro qualifiers in Spain (Feb.), Brazil (March), Greece (March), Malta & Slovakia in April ahead of the Arnold in Sao Paulo on the 20th? The international amateur organization doesn't have a strong history of turning out pro

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