Daniel & Georgia Acosta Florida State Championships 2016 Tidbit

Its worth noting Dan Acosta competing in the over 70 division at the Florida State Championships was joined in the audience VIP section by his wife Georgia Acosta who looks magnificent to this day having a very successful career as a professional bodybuilder competing at the first year of the division in the Olympia (1980) and three additional occasions as well as being a popular fitness model of the era. Georgia continues to this day as an active personal trainer. One of the attached images is of her with John Schleicher posing for the cover of one of the magazines of that time. Dan & Georgia walk the walk and may be taking regular sips from the fountain of youth. Visit Georgia on faceboo


LAKELAND CLASSIC HISTORY (final event this coming Saturday, Sept. 3rd) IFBB Pro Debi Laszewski guest posing at Lakeland Classic prior to her highest placing at the Mr. Olympia LLC that year, which she matched 4x times along with a 2nd place in 2012 prior to female bodybuilding being retired from the Olympia. That guest posing in Lakeland was a preview of Debi's reign as the woman that consistently pushed Iris till the end. https: Debi gained her Monsta Clothing sponsorship that year too and continues to appear in their advertisements and artwork a venture run by another great local show promoter and co-owner of Monsta Clothing Tony Tony Carolyn Curtis. Local show promotions like local compe

Lakeland Classic Closes Doors

Magazine display case at Future Fitness Gym (Monsta Clothing gym) in Lake City, Florida shows off stacks of mags dating back more than thirty years of various titles with many note worthy bodybuilding figures and contests. I reflect on the changes in not only the faces on the cover but the personalities that built and maintain the publications and contests and revolving door of history for better and worse. Deb Callahan noted yesterday on social media that this weekend's Lakeland Classic will be the last. Reason given was to focus her promotion energy entirely on her other contest the annual Central District Championships. At virtually the same time another national qualifier the Swolefest w

Mariane Tomita NPC Promoter Cancer Fundraising

AWESOME NEWS! Layla kicked in the add'l $755 to meet Mari's Cancer treatment $6000 deductible goals! Eighty-two people raised these funds in 14 days! https://www.gofundme.com/2fe7mnjv ...... Thanks to your generous giving the goal has been increased to $12K at gofundme! Let's see if we can raise an additional $6K in less than 14 days! https://www.gofundme.com/2fe7mnjv ..... Plus, Mariane Tomita will continue to need your support regardless of how much money is raised which can be done by registering for the NPC Ultimate Grand Prix that's a fundraiser for her treatment at: www.FloridasportFestival.com ......

2016 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Official Score Cards

Congratulations to Florida IFBB Pros competing in the Prestige Cup Classic on July 30, 2016 Men’s Physique Terrence Ruffin 3rd Frank Same 5th Tony Torres 10th Houssam Yehia 9th Travales Blount 11th Geobanny Paula 7th Butch Rolle 12th Jean Walkins Louis 16th Jermaine Ward 3rd Women’s Physique Kelly Diffenderfer 14th Natalie Graziano 16th Lisa Horrigan 16th Rosela Joseph 1st Julita Manns 9th Leonie Rose 6th Indrell Thomas 5th Masters Bikini Beth Transue 1st. SOURCE: NPC NEWS ONLINE THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE NATIONAL PHYSIQUE COMMITTEE

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