Novice Bikini Renegade Classic 2016

Every class at any bodybuilding contest can have its own tension and character as was the case with the bikini novice class at the Renegade Classic 2016. Athletes were allowed to do individual posing during prejudging followed by comparisons. A fitness competitor, bodybuilders, men's & women's physique and classic physique had already gone when these eight ladies took the stage. As the name novice suggests these aren't expected to be seasoned champions, but the stable from whence champions emerge. Three ladies, Katie Newton (35; 1st), Kasey Vaughn (36: 2nd) Aloma Atchison (41; 3rd) worked through starting on the outside with two front and back poses before switching sides and doing three mor

Gene Massey; Symbol of Florida's Most Promising

Eugene “Gene” Massey, of Hollywood Florida is a bodybuilder memorialized each year in a special award to a promising young bodybuilder at the NPC Southern States. Massey born in 1949 stood 5’10” tall and made a splash with a 2nd place finish in the ’68 Teen Mr. America. The following year he won the AAU Mr. Florida and Southern USA. By ’72 he was winning prestigious titles like the Mr Southern States while competing amongst the elite at the Mr World, Mr USA & Mr America. After winning Mr East Coast in ’75 and en route to a contest on Nov. 1, 1975 at twenty-six years of age the plane went down taking with it one of Florida’s most promising bodybuilders of that time.

Ms Olympia #2 Ritva “Kike” Elomaa

Lady Pioneers of Fitness: Ms Olympia #2; Finnish Ritva “Kike” Elomaa became the second Ms Olympia bodybuilding title holder succeeding Rachel McLish in 1981. A nurse in her native Finland she retired from bodybuilding in 1983 after high placings during those years at the Olympia and Worlds. Elomaa has been recognized as Finland’s most successful bodybuilder and was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2001. Elomaa is an elected member of the Finnish Parliament and Vice-chairman of her party the True Finns.


Fitness seems so much more prevalent and part of the mainstream than it was in the first Golden Era. The sought after body type varies for both sexes rather than just one. The common denominator is a large scale collection of people striving for the appearance of fitness even if not necessarily healthy. Motivations vary, but the common links can be found on stage among diverse collections of people bound by the rigors of daily life fueled by passion and determination. Image source:

April Atkins Worlds Strongest 7th Grader

April Atkins, 80 pound pre-teen known in the 50's as the "World's Strongest 7th Grader". Photos captured by LIFE magazine photographer Loomis Dean in 1954 at Venice Beach, but never ran.

Mia Finnegan, IFBB Fitness History

Mia Finnegan, 1st Fitness Olympia Champion held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. Was ranked top six in national gymnastics in high school. Graduated college with bachelors in psychology and has been active fitness trainer and television personality over many years. The mother of three is the great granddaughter to Professor Attila (Louis Durlacher) a mentor to Sandow and one of the foremost authorities on strongman sports at the time. Lives in California with her husband Rich where together they work their fitness business.

Sonia Gonzales: IFBB Bikini History

Sonia Gonzales took top honors as the first Bikini Olympia in 2010, which was a great year for her winning also the Tournament of Champions, Pittsburgh Pro, MuscleContest and New Zealand Pro. Gonzales also known by Adcock started out in figure back at the 2004 NPC California State. The 5’ 108 pound fitness diva last competed in 2012 and is a cosmetologist in Temecula, California.

Brian Buchanan: Bodybuilding History

Brian Buchanan, born in London in 1962 to Jamaican parents he excelled in track and swimming. Over twenty years of bodybuilding competition he was known for having one of the best v-tapers and lats with a 27” (some reports claim as small as 25”) waist and 57” chest. Competed across multiple continents and federations making it to the Olympia stage twice. Believed to currently make Australia his home.

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