Khloé Kardashian Fitness Show Casting

‘Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian’ is now casting real people in Los Angeles, California. Have you let yourself go after a bad breakup? Has something happened in your life that made you give up on your fitness and pursuit of happiness? Are you having trouble socializing with your friends and family because of the way you look and feel? Is it hard to date or maintain a relationship because of your lack of self-esteem? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Khloé Kardashian and E! Entertainment casting directors are looking for you. We are looking for individuals who have a friend or family member who is engaged to someone they believe may be the wrong person—whether they’re wrong fo

Arnold Classic 2016 Invite List

2016 Arnold Classic (13) Fouad Abiad Evan Centopani Maxx Charles Justin Compton Tony Freeman Kai Greene Johnnie Jackson Josh Lenartowicz Cedric McMillan Cody Montgomery Juan Morel Branch Warren Lukas Wyler 2016 Arnold Classic 212 (8) Charles Dixon Guy Cisternino David Henry Kyung Won Kang Cory Mathews Angel Manual Rangel Vargas Jose Raymond Hidetada Yamagishi 2016 Fitness International (12) Michelle Blank Myriam Capes Regiane da Silva Giorgia Foroni Ryall Graber Oksana Grishina Tanji Johnson Whitney Jones Piia Pajunen Ashley Sebera Missy Terwilliger Bethany Cisternino Wagner 2016 Figure International (14) Andrea Calhoun Heather Dees Amanda Doherty Janaina Ferreira da Silva Allison Frahn Cydn

French Skinny Models & Photoshop Law

French MPs approved new law requiring models in France to have a doctor certify they are healthy. Legislation came about from public pressure over the French modeling industries ongoing bad publicity associated with eating disorders and unhealthy displays of emaciated male and female models. No rigid standard was set with physicians being able to make the determination within the flexibility of the new rules. According to research the French women's average BMI at 23.2 is the lowest in Western Europe. Along with the doctors certification those using the images for commercial purposes that publish them are required under the same law to lable the images retouched or photoshopped. Both stipula

Mackenzie McKee, teen reality show talent offering personal training & nutrition services

Mackenzie McKee, teen reality show talent offering personal training services after her second NPC competition. After gaining notoriety from appearances on reality show Teen Mom 3 the young fitness enthusiast has decided to cash in on her passion and fame by offering one on one personal training and nutrition consultations in the form of meal plans for clients. "With my one-on-one training, you and I will work together to reach your personal goals. With no gym membership needed, I will be right there working with you daily by giving you daily meal plans, at-home workouts, and lots of enthusiasm and inspiration, because I believe in YOU," McKee wrote on her website. "You will have full access


CASTING CALL: BAYWATCH MOVIE Starring DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON & ZAC EFRON. LOCATION: Shoots in Savannah and Atlanta Savannah (Mid March to Mid April) Atlanta (Mid April – May) AGENT: ROSE LOCKE CASTING: Agent for Hunger Games, Fast & Furious Franchise & dozens more. CONTACT: STORYLINE: Follows a veteran lifeguard (Johnson) who is forced to team up with a younger lifeguard (Efron) to save the beach from an environmental disaster. CASTING DETAILS: Looking for HOT Men and Women that are local to Savannah or willing to work local in Savannah! Please send CURRENT photos in your bathing sui ts! We are also seeking Local Certified Lifeguards that are local to Savannah

Marc Anthony​ Launches MAGNUS Sports Management in Miami

Looking for a Sports Management Company in Florida? Latin Music Superstar Marc Anthony​ Launches MAGNUS Sports Management in Miami. Marc Anthony is expanding the field of action of his Magnus Media, the entertainment company he launched earlier this year, with the launch of Magnus Sports, a fully integrated division dedicated to representing major athletes. First client is four-time Major League pitcher Aroldis Chapman, who plays for the Cincinnati Reds (continued at: MAGNUS WEBSITE:

Personal Trainer Sentenced over HIV Spread

A personal trainer is sentenced to five years in jail after spreading HIV to unsuspecting women. Simon James, 46, was found guilty by the Bristol Crown Court in the UK for two counts of grievous bodily harm by a unanimous jury after only an hour of deliberation within a five-day trial during October. This is the first kind of ruling in Bristol and third in the UK. According to court documents, James was diagnosed with HIV in 1995. The first complainant mentioned that early into the relationship, both of them were already engaged in "rough sex" and that James decided not to wear condoms anymore since they would not fit properly or that he was allergic to latex. However, the woman found out ab

Evaluate Your Fitness Team & Coach:

Evaluate Your Fitness Team & Coach: 1)How skilled at their jobs are the members of your team? Extremely skilled - Moderately skilled - Slightly skilled - suck 2)How professional are the members of your team? Extremely Extremely skilled - Moderately skilled - Slightly skilled - suck 3)How honest with each other are the members of your team? Extremely skilled - Moderately skilled - Slightly skilled - suck 4)How well do members of your team share responsibility for tasks? Extremely skilled - Moderately skilled - Slightly skilled - suck 5)How well does your coach work with clients? Extremely skilled Extremely skilled - Moderately skilled - Slightly skilled - suck 6)How much attention is given

Performance Enhancing Drugs Decrease Performance

Sports: 'Performance enhancing' drugs decrease performance Date: May 4, 2015 Source: University of Adelaide Summary: Doping is damaging the image of sport without benefiting athletes' results, according to new research. Researchers collated sporting records (including Olympic and world records) of male and female athletes across 26 sports, between 1886 and 2012. Comparisons were made between pre-1932 records (when steroids became available) and post, and it was found that the times, distances and other results did not improve as expected in the doping era.

Personal Trainer Principle in Major Miami Drug Bust

The Miami Herald broke the story on Nov. 21, 2015 with, "The investigation that cracked open one of the largest synthetic drug rings in Miami history began with an angry naked porn star jumping on her boyfriend’s white Porsche.The police call to that lovers spat would eventually lift the lid on a cast of characters straight out of a Hollywood buddy movie. In the leading roles: Matthew Anich and Jorge Ramon Hernandez, two guys who boasted seemingly straight-arrow backgrounds of college degrees and military experience but also shared a taste for Miami’s flashy club culture. Miami They pumped iron, co-owned a tattoo shop, drove fancy cars and chased an array of party girls — all while, prosecut

Tampa Photographer Arrested

Douglas Clifford, 18 year veteran photojournalist with the Tampa Bay Times and St Petersburg Times was arrested Friday, Dec. 4, 2015 after reportedly punching his wife in the head for refusing to have sex with him. No word on whether the arrest will impact his employment, but as the Tampa Bay Times broke the story on the day of the arrest there is a good chance his employment is in jeopardy. Often times companies have ethics code policies that require their employees behave according to a certain code of conduct not only on the job, but in their personal lives. Clifford worked the sports and features beat based on findings of searching for his credits with the Tampa Bay Times. Source: http

Pavel Ythjall famed photographer & wife in auto accident

Well known fitness industry photographer and videographer Pavel Ythjall and his wife IFBB Pro Katherine Ythjall were reportedly in an automobile accident according to Pavel's exwife and business partner Pauline Nordin. Nordin appealed to her audience on Sunday, Dec. 7 with this message, "Please keep Pavel Ythjall, the photographer of my photos and his wife in your thoughts. They were in a severe car accident Saturday night. They're hospitalized. Pavel will recover over time, Kat needs our positive thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping for a miracle because she if anyone deserves it. I love Pavel to death. He's my best friend, my business partner, my everything here in America. We came here togeth


CASTING CALL: MIAMI/ FLORIDA KEYS WINTER CATALOG PHOTOSHOOT DATES: DEC. 12-13, 2015 RATE: $2500 AGENCY: MIAMI TALENT CASTING Need a beautiful model (all ethnicities) that has a great and fit body. It’s a high end but sexy photo shoot. Wardrobe: Bikini Send your best pics and contact asap, booking by pics.

IFBB Orlando Pro Bikini & NPC Southern USA 2016

IFBB Orlando Pro Bikini & NPC Southern USA 2016 SAVE THE DATE!! The 2016 NPC Southern USA is being moved to ORLANDO! ********March 12, 2016******** FULL National Qualifier in EASY to travel to ORLANDO. Held in conjunction with the IFBB Orlando Pro Bikini! Can't wait to see YOU there! It's gonna ROCK! Source:

2016 Pro Men's Bodybuilding Events:

2016 Pro Men's Bodybuilding Events: 2/27 Kevin Levrone Classic - Poland 3/6 Arnold Classic - Ohio 3/18 Arnold Classic Australia - Melborne 4/1 Arnold Classic Brazil - Rio 5/13 BodyPower UK - Birmingham 5/21 New York Pro - Teaneck, NJ 5/28 California Pro - Culver City 5/27 Arnold Classic Africa 6/4 Toronto Super Show - Toronto 7/1 Wings of Strength Chicago - Chicago 7/9 Vancouver Pro - Vancouver 7/23 Grand Prix of Baltimore - Baltimore 8/5 Tampa Pro - Tampa, Fl 8/13 Golden State Grand Prix - Sacramento 8/20 Arnold Classic Asia - Hong Kong 8/31 Pittsburgh Masters Pro - Pittsburgh 9/16 Mr. Olympia Weekend - Vegas 9/24 Arnold Classic Europe - Madrid 9/29 Kuwait Pro - Kuwait

Fitness Industry People to Watch: Raphael Gonzalez; IFBB Pro

Rafael Gonzalez, with a post Thanksgiving pump pic after earning IFBB pro status at NPC Nationals. Latino with three children one being 18yrs old if you can believe it! Educated gent with Masters degree. former GATT & BPI Sports Nutrition honcho and Nutrition store owner staying fit in Coconut Creek, Florida. Team Sims. Rafael Gonzalez Facebook:

2015 NPC Nationals Bodybuilding Placings

Florida based competitors placings at NPC Nationals Bodybuilding Championships 2015. Men’s Bodybuilding Bantamweight Class Kenny Ishikawa - 4th Place Marty Burger - 10th Place Lightweight Class Rafael Gonzalez - 2nd Place (Earned Pro Card) Austin Morell - 7th Place Bryant Hernandez - 16th Place Christopher Lino - 16th Place Davier Maure-Figueredo - 16th Place Roosevelt Woodard - 16th Place Welterweight Class Theodore Atkins Jr. - 1st Place (Earned Pro Card) John Durante - 2nd Place (Earned Pro Card) Nicholas Austin - 8th Place Julio del Rio - 12th Place Middleweight Class Pablo Ruiz - 2nd Place (Earned Pro Card) Miguel Senior - 8th Place Yasiel Fleites - 9th Place Fraij


"The new TV series will focus on teams of friends, families and co-workers working together to push their mental and physical limits as they race across a specially designed Spartan course engineered to push the boundaries of endurance, determination and will. “Teams of five — comprised of two men, two women, and an elite Spartan athlete — will battle over mud, water, and fire for a chance to win a large cash prize,” according to Project Casting. Rose Locke Casting is now hiring extras to work as audience members on the new TV show. For more details, check out the casting call breakdown below: We are shooting 4 days and have two shows each day! You can work multiple days but CANNOT work bo

It's Called a Pose for a Reason

We see bodybuilding, fitness, figure, physique and bikini competitors regularly getting into position and posing to show off their best work on stage and the gamut of criticisms of their posing whether it done according to the rules or not. While competitors are judged the entire time they are on stage that's typically done from the officials table directly in front of the stage. Judging doesn't occur from a three dimensional sphere taking into account the look of each pose from 360 degrees. When doing client photography work with athletes the purpose is typically to pose them to capture their best look from the perspective of the lens. Often times the relaxed and resting portions of ones

Bodily Business Expenses

I suspect very few IFBB pros deduct for expenses that other pro athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc do. Consider this: “My body is what helps me to make money,” Harrison said. “Whatever there is that I need to do to try and make myself better or get myself healthy, I’m going to do it. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that I spend anywhere between $400,000-$600,000 on body work, as far as taking care of my body, year-in and year-out," James Harrison, NFL Linebacker. LINK TO FULL STORY ON FORBES

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