Over 60 NPC Florida Shows in 2016?

Carlos Rodriguez of Miami wrote at his Facebook site on Nov. 30, "Florida...ARE YOU READY!?!? Its going down October 2016! We are bringing a Shawn Rhoden show to S. Florida. My amazing sister Maria Fucci-Bellando made this possible. She has been working tirelessly to bring Florida her own production and here it is." According to FloridaNPC.or there were 56 NPC events in Florida in 2015 (Source link). That was a record number of contests in recent years with growing numbers of pro shows and national qualifiers to accompany growing interest and participation in new divisions. In the last quarter of 2015 there have been announcements and launches of websites for various new shows already on the

Callie Bundy Announced FitnessRx for Women Magazine Online Editor

Jaime Marshall Baird's replacement as editor at FitnessRx for Women Magazine is announced on Nov. 30, 2015 as Callie Bundy. Per the news release, "Callie is a seasoned media professional who has always had a passion for sports and fitness. She is as a former three-sport high school athlete, NCAA Division I softball player and current IFBB Bikini pro. Callie has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing with a concentration in advertising and communications. Her extensive training knowledge and experience as a television host make her a great addition to ARM’s multimedia team. " Congratulations to Callie Bundy​ who has big shoes to fill at Advanced Research Media. No information available at

Tim Gardner Productions announces ten show line up with more pro shows & national qualifiers fo

On Nov. 24 Tim Gardner Productions released their 2016-2017 preliminary show schedule with ten shows included with national qualifying NPC events along with seven of nine shows in 2016 having a pro component. “The NPC Hurricane Bay has an IFBB Pro portion now, IFBB Hurricane Pro Classic along with the Tampa FIT & FLEX EXPOS Weekend in downtown Tampa,” Tim Gardner announced on Facebook, Nov. 28, 2015. Along with the Hurricane Bay becoming a national qualifier the April 2nd Renegade Classic also moved up to qualifier status. The Mel Chancy Port Charlotte Pro announced by Gardner on Facebook after visiting the venue is a new show under the Tim Gardner Productions schedule with its NPC Champio

Fitness Class Matching Subscription Service

Ever like a spin class instructor or particular yoga, crossfit or MMA instructor's class, but you don't want to buy into a bigger package or location membership? ClassPass is a 2014 start up fitness class subscription service in select cities that for $99 per month affords members the opportunity to take different classes at a different location in varied disciplines the entire month long. Founder Payal Kadakia came up with the idea and started small after a bad experience trying to find certain classes for herself. She partnered with experienced marketer Mary Biggins who with a two million dollar launch they went from 50,000 class reservations to over one million this year. As a result of t

Tampa Florida Personal Trainer Passes

January 14, 1975- November 29, 2015 Gokmen Meyrili, a personal trainer in the Brandon, Florida area passed away from a heart attack on Sunday, November 29, 2015. Gokmen was forty years old. (UPDATE (11/30): A friend of Gokmen's stated he was with him when he passed and shared that, "He actually had a heart attack between 2 am and 3am Sunday morning. I was there when it happened. He was pronounced by the Doctor at 3:34am.") Originally from Umraniye, Turkey Gokmen was friendly with everyone he came across in the fitness community in the Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater communities to those back in Turkey. Former NFL football player and fellow personal trainer Ryan Watson honored his memory on facebo

Marketing: Psychology of Skin:

Marketing: Psychology of Skin: In the philosophical accounts of Plato “there are two distinct types of mind: a mind for thinking and reasoning and a mind for emotions and passions.” Wired magazine published a piece looking at up to date psychological studies on what we think of people showing more and less skin titled, “The Psychology of Nakedness.” Reportedly, the more skin shown by men and women creates the perception that the subject is exhibiting less “agency” (control of your behavior as a thinking person) and a tendency to be more emotional and focused on experience. While you might want to date the person expert at the experienced more emotional side one might surmise that same perso

The Current State of Fitness Entrepreneurs

"Something I am paying attention to is how many ‪#‎fitnessmotivation‬ based ‪#‎entrepreneurs‬ there are on ‪#‎Instagram‬ and when I got curious and dug deep into several of them what I found was that they preached no short cuts in their ‪#‎workouts‬ and obviously saw results however when you dig into many of them they aren't executing that same discipline in their business. . You can't outsource your work out. No one can do the push-ups for you, the squats yet those same people are looking for every shortcut when it comes to the work it takes to build and ACTUAL long Term business, looking for a quick fix for their social media, for their newsletter, not digging deep into the products they s

Coppertone Girl: Florida Based Cultural Icon

The Coppertone Girl look back over the shoulder is a pose that’s changed our cultural sense of sexuality probably more so than the sunscreen impacted skin tone. The ad campaign dates back to 1959 with artwork created for $2500 by Ocala, Florida artist Joyce Ballantyne Brand using her three year old daughter Cheri Brand as the model. Coppertone was a small Florida company wanting to go national and they did producing billboard images and packaging that took many forms over the decades as the company and influence of the brand imagery spread. That $2500 Coppertone Girl’s bare bottom and look back over the shoulder stayed front in center as American as a Norman Rockwell illustration, an iconic

Charlotte Europa Games 2016 announced

Headquartered in Charlotte, the Europa Games announced with little fanfare on Facebook that July 9-10, 2016 is the launch of local production. Ed & Betty Pariso promoters of the event likewise recently took over as co-chairs of the Texas National Physique Committee along with launching the Europa Cyber Games and cyber library resource at the company event website. The company is moving to increasingly produce their own media coverage of their events, which is a welcome addition that will likely raise the profile of bodybuilding along with the many other sports the Europa Games promotes with Scott Pendelton, Managing Partner Europa Games Expo & Torque Sports and Performance. http://www.europa

Enoch Cree Tribe's Ashley Callingbull Miss Universe 2015

Ashley Callingbull​, Native American, reigning Miss Universe representing Canada and the Enoch Cree Nation. Ashley is both beautiful and an eloquent spokeswoman for native, aboriginal people and culture. She is likewise a practitioner of the fitness lifestyle while pursuing her career in front and behind the camera as model, actress, producer and passionate advocate. We salute Ashley Callingbull and all Native Americans on this Thanksgiving Day. Visit Callingbull website: www.ashleycallingbullofficial.com Callingbull Facebook: LINK

2015 Rest In Peace

Every year many people pass away within the fitness industry the same as any industry as well that's a part of our human life cycle for starters. Often times though we don't recognize the passage of more than the most high profile people in the industry that pass away. Please feel free to share with us those you know to have passed in 2015 so that we can pay them respects whether they be an active or inactive athlete or industry figure.

Bert Walden Bodybuilder 1970- 2015

Had occasion to work with super heavyweight bodybuilder Bert Walden while scouting talent for videoshoots with Muscular Development about three years ago at Mike Valentino's Gold's Gym in North Carolina. Bert was a well-known and loved competitor and friend to many in the fitness community. He patiently waited while I worked with various athletes in the area that day. Met his lady friend Amy Morvil there that day. He introduced us. Contacts over the years were sparse, but always cordial with both Bert and Amy. I was sad to recieve news from Amy that Bert passed away on August 1, 2015. RIP Big Bert Walden August 29, 1970 - August 1, 2015

Aleksandra Rudenko Criticized by UK's The Sun for looking older due to Bodybuilding

UK Gossip Publication The Sun blames bodybuilding rather than lighting and hair color for a critique that Aleksandra Rudenko looks much older. Headline is, "How did this 24-year-old get the face of an old woman in ONE year?" The story goes on to state, "NEW pictures show how a pretty young woman took up bodybuilding - and then appeared to age 30 YEARS in just 12 months." Quotes critical of the comparison photos on Instagram were the basis of The Sun piece. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/6761938/Bodybuilding-has-turned-this-24-yr-old-into-an-old-woman-in-just-a-YEAR.html Rudenko was in contest mode at the time for the World Fitness Championship in Budapest that she finished wit

Traci Rea Ivey Faces the Challenge

Still looking sharp four days after taking the women's physique pro card at NPC Nationals in Miami Traci reflected today on the last several weeks and the emotional rollercoaster she went through. After NPC All South she changed her cardio regimen moving to the street doing sprints versus using the stairmaster. There were tweaks to posing and her routine. With the support of her husband/workout partner they double checked all aspects of preparation in consultation with her coaches Don Long & Sarah Long. Shoot location: Jax Beach, 1800 images shoot yield, 2hrs, delivery within one week. Debrief Notes: Pressed her to launch her website. Husband noted their current branding and one domain purc


MARKETING 101: PRESS RELEASES It seems we have forgotten some basics about getting a message out to a wider audience in the "bodybuilding community." A tried and true method for decades has been fashioning press releases about events, occurrences, activities,...the who, what, when, where, why & how's of stories that news reporters and editors might can pick up and run with for their next story. Nowadays more so than possibly ever there are more writers scratching and digging for content that we were taught in j-school to look for in press releases. While it sounds boring to write a news release you can also use the same formatted content on your website and social media. If you carefully m

John M Blatz Photoshoot

John M Blatz is a bodybuilder with a highly successful wife in the real estate business on the Emerald Coast of Florida where they raise their three daughters and John trains clients and preps for his next contest. Had the opportunity to work with John on a shoot prior to NPC Nationals in Miami. Terrific fella and model like features to go with the competitive degree of musculature. As with all my clients I encourage him to consider making more of his marketable look although that will ultimately be the sort of decision he makes with the best interests of his family in mind. Visit John Blatz at:


IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski has been called out by numerous members of the "fitness intelligencia" (opposite bro scientists) including John Meadows over plaigerism in a recent publication. Meadows wrote at Muscular Development Forum today, "My involvement was simply that since I had this experience with that Jaco De Bryun guy, I was asked if I thought this was bad? I looked at the two sources side by side, and yes to me it is blatant. People who have never built anything will say who cares, but for those who pour their life's work into something, well it does suck when someone cuts and pastes it without giving credit. I personally enjoy giving credit to others and the respect and camaraderie it br


MARKETING 101: FOLLOW THE LEADERS; Producing your own video as I suggest to competitors can be a daunting task. Questions include: 1)What sort of camera do I need? 2)How long does the video need to be? 3)Do I need to edit them and if so with what? 4)How often do I put them out and where? 5)Charging versus freebie; how do I know if I can sell them versus giving content away or building up a youtube ad sharing affiliate program? RESPONSE: Firstly, I've been producing video for my own youtube & vimeo sites along with for other clients including individual small business operators and Flex magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Muscular Development, Fitness Rx for Men & Fitness Rx for women a


Advise given Kristen Dumont this morning that can be applicable to more than just her 42gb- 6700 images from our shoot, BUT applicable to my other clients typically receiving 1500-2500 images per shoot: 1)Think about categorizing and breaking down by poses. 2)Selectively filter some, crop some, etc as part of some broader marketing scheme. 3)Think of incorporating them in your clearly thought out and written down advertising/marketing campaign where you might apply motivational/inspirational words on some that were shot in landscape format and release with a certain periodicity/schedule over weeks and months. 4)As we are approaching the new year consider developing a business/marketing plan

Poor Posture or Being Sexy?

Did Acceptance of Poor Posture Give Rise to the Tendency to Lean Forward in the Bikini Back Pose? "There are a ton of different defective postures out there, but the most common one is a forward tilt of the hips. It’s caused by a few things, but a big part of it is often due to weak hip extensors (aka a weak butt) and then this whole compensation pattern gets set up that wreaks havoc on your posture:" LINK TO ARTICLE

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