Neil Patel’s Advanced SEO Formula That Helped Rank For 477,000 Keywords

Most competitive niche key word market is “SEO”. Patel has been successful in this market ranking for 477,000 key words and drawing 2.2 million unique visitors per month to his website. These are his suggestions to help others do the same.

STEP 1: Focus on pages that drive revenue. These are product pages, service and content pages. Monitor Go-tracking & Conversion-tracking in Google Analytics. Then once you know the pages that are driving revenue go to Step 2.

STEP 2: Google search console: See what the key words that are driving traffic to those pages. Look for key words that don’t have a lot of clicks, but have a lot of impressions (less than 5% CTR). Export them into a CSV and sort by impression and click count. Focus energy on increasing ranking of key words ranking in 7 or 8 spot versus 2-3 as you get more bang for buck when the lower rankings move up.

STEP 3: Add all key words with low CTR (click through rate) and add into content (title tag, meta description), which Patel says is required or your rankings for those words won’t go up.
NOTE: HACK: Title tags with “?” have 10% higher CTR than those without.

STEP 4: Use “”  and type in all those low ranking keywords one by one and then analyze the related long-tail keywords focusing on highest CPC (cost per click) words, which will typically drive more sales and leads.
Then, integrate these keywords into your content. It has to make sense for the user and be relevant or don’t add them in.
EXAMPLE: If you rank highly for a Head Term like “dog food” it is easier to rank well with “organic dog food”, “dog food with free shipping” etc.
Google will almost automatically rank you highly for key words related to head terms you rank well for.
Results typically seen within a 30 day period.
NOTE: After adding all this content go back to Google Search Console and in their top bar add in the URL’s for all adjusted pages to have them re-index. This is faster for re-indexing than waiting for google to re-crawl the pages.

STEP 5: In Google Search Console identify the poorly searched terms (Search Engine Results Page (SERP) pages 2-3 etc. and then analyze the pages on your site that have related content and “interlink” them together. This will help all pages rank higher. Then go back to “” and apply all those words again.

These steps help move you up in rankings per SEO without having to emphasize link building.



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