2022 Digital Summit, Phoenix Seminar

​Supercharge Your SEO Arsenal for 2022 & Beyond With

3 Hidden Tactics with Mez Homayunfard, and

Safwan Chowdhury, Online Marketing Gurus (OMG)

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The most valuable search engine traffic is getting the squeeze.
-58% of users are unaware of the distinction between organic and

paid results
-36% of users think companies in the top ad position are

market leaders in their field.
-The average cost of CPM has grown 90% YOY on

Facebook + declining Facebook active user growth in US

means costs are going to increase further

(SingGrain, Business Insider).
-ZERO click searches are changing the face of search.

In 2020 - 64.82% were ZERO Click Searches and 33.59% organic CTR.
-Some studies show up to 50.33% of searches result in

the knowledge graph.
->10% of all seeps now have a featured snippet and it's increasing.

The Three Key Pillars of Evidence Driven SEO
-Technical 20%
-Relevance 20%
-Domain Authority 60%

Step 1: Start with the end in mind. Conduct market analysis on key competitors and Customers… with tool hacks like SEMRush.
-A data-driven approach ensures the scalable growth of your long-tail traffic and SEO strategy. Example: 1600 different ways women search for dresses as opposed to 50 different queries for men.

Step 2: Structure & Content. Shape site structure and content around market leaders.
You need to map out the market leaders' sites for 4 key ingredients:
-Site structure: Categories, sub-categories
-URL structure: how they structure their URLs
-Super IMPORTANT: Content-Length. (1400-2200 words depending on study for #1 in SERP)
-New trend: Schema markups.

Key Consideration:
E.A.T. Google’s new name for what every high-quality page needs E.A.T. a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.
Y.M.Y.L. Some types of pages could potentially impact the future, happiness, health, or wealth of users. We call such pages “Your Money or Your Life” pages or YMYL.

The Quality of Your Content Matters.
It’s all about your E-A-T Score when you think about producing quality content.
1. Expertise
2. Authoritativeness
3. Trustworthiness

Tips to Build Authority:
-Internal links to relevant internal pages and high authority external publications.

-Integrated verified reviews help with EAT & conversion rate.
-Top Tip: Use review schema to increase click-through rate!

-FAQ Content to build expertise.
-Top Tip: Focus on genuinely useful content to aid in a purchase decision.
*Optimize your content with ‘FAQ Schema’ (client example)
*Optimize your content for ‘Featured Snippets’
*Optimize your content with ‘Image Schema’

Key Stat/ Learning: Dates & Content relevancy help SEO
Dates = clicks
*We tested including a date within our title page and saw an 85% increase in traffic and CTR.

Step 3: Build Authority Consistently & Authentically
-Building a robust authority-building campaign based on competitive analysis.
-Backlink strategy is crucial. The number of referring sites you have talking about you has high statistical confidence relating to increasing your rankings.
*Forums and Affiliate Programs are a good source for getting backlinks.



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