How To Create A Website

You aren't alone in thinking the process of creating a website is a daunting undertaking. The process is less stressful if broken down into its component parts.

Major aspects of the process include:

-Register a domain name that will represent your


-Set up a web hosting account, which is the location

from which your website content will be housed (continued).


10 Step Marketing Plan
Follow these 10 steps for creating your pathway to success developing, implementing and building your business through sound organizational and marketing strategies. Regardless, of the size or scope of the endeavor, your organization seeks to market whether it be as a hobby or fortune 500 marketing campaign these essential steps serve as a launchpad for developing marketing success.

1) Marketing Goal: Firstly, determine what you seek to accomplish with your marketing campaign. As with all goals they can be specific and broad, short-term and long-term (continued).


Benefits of Professional Photography for Business

Do-it-yourself works well for personal social media pages, but not so well for your business if you have a 

sizeable operation and other tasks that require staff time and devotion. Hiring a professional photographer

to take over those tasks under contract or as an in-house photographer can be an effective solution considering

the importance of visual images to your branding.

Consistent Good Quality: Potential clients are likely to see your billboards, vehicle wraps, television, website, and social media content before making a decision to do business with you (continued).


SEO Keyword Research: 13 of the Biggest Mistakes You MUST Avoid 

by John Hawley

In a November 8, 2019 article by Carolyn Lyden at Search Engine Journal, a top search engine professionals website and news generator Lyden shared 13 of the principle themes she got from 40 responses of polled Search Engine Optimization professionals on Twitter.  Here they are (continued).