Keyword Planning: Identification of Long-Tail-Keywords

by John Hawley

How do you identify high search traffic keywords needed on your website, youtube and social sites to draw business traffic there?
In this one-minute video I share a technique using two websites with the 1st one being to identify keywords related to those you consider your primary market so-called "long-tail-keywords". The second one being your Google Adwords account that sorts them by their comparative popularity of searches by internet users so-called comparative "search-traffic-volume".
In this way you have more knowledge, for instance, with terms like "landscaping" as to what related keywords you should be using to increase your rankings in the search engines so-called SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Why is it important to know this? Consider that "lawn care" has over 3x the search traffic volume of "lawn maintenance". If you are targeting people who are looking for the identical service provided by both phrases you could extrapolate that you should be using "lawn care" over "lawn maintenance" although use of both is even better.
Food for thought in growing your business.
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