2022 Digital Summit, Phoenix Seminar
SEO Tips For Pinterest And Youtube To Increase Site Traffic

with Presenter Jerri Helms, for HarperCollins Publishing


Twitter: @jhelms722

Photos from Jerri Helms presentation LINK

-Understanding how Pinterest & Youtube can benefit your

SEO Strategies
-Appreciation for how keyword research can aid your data

optimization and the development of content.
-A quick list of tools you can leverage paid or free.
-Inspiration to learn more about these topics and keep researching.

SEO & Google
Google’s Mission is to organize the world’s information and make it

universally accessible and useful.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of

matching your content with what people are searching for online.

Search Is About Intent:
99% of all searches fall into these 4 different intent categories.

“Without keyword research, your entire effort is effectively

stumbling around in the dark,” Greg Gifford.

Importance of Longtail Keywords:
69.7% of search queries contain four words or more.

6 Steps to Finding the Right Keywords:
-Think about the end goal: What is your audience's wants or needs?
-Think about INTENT; Consider the 4 types of search intents.
-Brainstorm potential keywords: Use keyword research tools to identify questions people have, etc.
-Check out the competition: What have they done that is written well and converting?
-Think about the LONG TAIL: Think past what is popular..what is in your niche?
-Research keywords: *Use paid or free resources and consider content use.

Youtube & SEO Factoids
-Think of Youtube as a video search engine.
-SEO for Youtube is simply the practice of optimizing keywords in your videos, accounts/channels, playlists, metadata and descriptions for both on and off Youtube.
-Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine with more than 500B videos consumed daily.
-Video results are 50x more likely to rank organically than text results.
-Blog posts with video have a 53X higher chance to rank on page 1 and see a 157% increase in search traffic.

Youtube Recommendations Engine & The 4 “R’s”
Reputation, referrals, recommendations, and reviews.

-Does the content deliver on its promise to achieve its goal?
-What kind of expertise is needed to achieve the video goal?
-What’s the reputation of the speaker in the video and the channel it’s on?
-What’s the main top of the video.
*These answers and more determine how authoritative a video is. The higher the score, the more the video is promoted when it comes to news and information content.
Beware of Google Account Demotion:
Triggered by inaccuracy, misleading, deceptiveness, insensitiveness, intolerance, and potentially harmful.

-90% of top-ranked videos have a target keyword in the video title.
*Filename should reflect target keyword.

-Write good descriptions using:
   -at least 250 words.
   -75% of videos in the top 20 Youtube results have a broad match variant in the video description.
   -Make sure people know “WIIFM” What’s in it for me.

-Transcripts are helpful.
-Use your youtube videos on Pinterest.

Pinterest and SEO Factoids:
-Pinterest is a Visual Search (Discovery) Engine
-Offers a longer shelf life for your content.
-400M+ active users.
-5 billion+ searches per month.
-90% of weekly winners have used it to make a purchase.
-55% of users shop on site.
-73% of winners say content from brands makes it more useful.
-Value is focused on engagement and sharing in addition to keywords.

*Pin Cohesion: How is the consistency from the pin to the linked content?

Pinterest Keyword Research:
-Check out Pinterest Trends.
-Try Pinterest Autocomplete (private mode)
-Try Pinterest Guided Search.
-Check out your competitors.
   -What keywords are they using?
   -Use social power tools from Ahrefs.

List of free tools for Keyword Research:
-Google Keyword Planner Tool
-Google Search Console
-Google Trends
-Google Correlate
-Google Instant
-Google Related Searches
-Keyword Surfer
-Amazon Suggests

Fee Based Tools:
-Moz Keyword
-Long Tail Pro..


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