2018 New Zealand Pro-Am

March 24, 2018
Auckland, New Zealand
Promoter: Moe Elmoussawi
Contact: nzifbb@gmail.com

Website: https://nzifbb.co.nz/


2018 IFBB New Zealand Pro Competitors

Mens 212
-Babak Akbarniya, Iran @babak_akbarniya
-Sami Al Haddad, Bahrain @samialhadad
-Fahad Zaid Hazzazi, Saudi Arabia
-Kamal El Gargni, United Kingdom @ifbb_pro_kemo
-Jafar Ghaffarnezhad Azizi, Iran @ifbbpro.jafarghafarnezhad
-Omid Eskandari Ghazikalaya, Iran
-Hyunjin Kim, Korea @ifbbpro.hyunjin_kim1212
-Grant Pieterse, Australia @grantpieterse
-Samir Troudi, UAE @samirtroudi
Classic Men’s Physique
-Chang Keun Kim, (CK Kim) Korea @fitsta_ck
-Nelson Lopes, United Kingdom @nelsonlopespt
-Kenny O’Malley, New Zealand @kennyomalley_ifbbpro
-Mateo Vaihu, New Zealand @mateo_vaihu_ifbbpro
-Paul Vu, Australia @paulie_v_ifbbpro
Men’s Physique
-Sam Andrews, New Zealand @samandrewsifbbpro
-Shahram Nikbakht, USA @ifbbpro_shahramnikbakht
-Morteza Oveisi Pakniyat, Iran @morteza_oveisi_pakniyat_fan
-Jeremy Tevaga, New Zealand @jeremytevaga


Classic Physique at the New Zealand Pro 2018 has an interesting mix of competitors with two natives of New Zealand including Kenny O’Malley a taller competitor and recent convert from bodybuilding and Mateo Vaihu known for his conditioning and ability to suffer. No recent pics on social of Mateo to assess. Paul Vu the first Classic Physique pro representing Australia is shredded and ready for business at this debut after winning Arnold Australia Amateur overall title. Nelson Lopes of the UK, turned pro at Arnold Brazil 2017 and has that Santi Aragon sort of pleasing aesthetic and will be ready having giving us a preview with a guest posing at the recent Royal London Pro. Chang Keun Kim better known as CK Kim of Korea is likely the most seasoned competitor and my pick for winning the New Zealand Pro 2018 with aesthetics, size, conditioning and good looks having earned IFBB Pro status in the Arnold Classic Australia Amateur last weekend, but having been a favored pro of another federation for years.
Complete 212, Classic & Amateur info at: www.nzifbb.co.nz


The IFBB Pro League New Zealand Pro Bodybuilding & Physique competition promoted by Moe Elmoussawi was held in  Auckland, New Zealand featuring three pro divisions including 212 bodybuilding, Classic Physique & Men’s Physique.
For more information on this event and Moe’s other show promotions visit ifbbproleaguesouthpacific.com.
Contest placings are as follows:

Mens 212
1. Jafar Ghaffarnezhad Azizi, Iran @ifbbpro.jafarghafarnezhad
2. Sami Al Haddad, Bahrain @samialhadad
3. Samir Troudi, UAE @samirtroudi
4. Babak Akbarniya, Iran @babak_akbarniya
5. Haitham Al Sadiq, Oman
6. Fahad Zaid Hazzazi, Saudi Arabia
7. Grant Pieterse, New Zealand @grantpieterse
8. Hyunjin Kim, Korea @ifbbpro.hyunjin_kim1212
9. Morteza Oveisi Pakniyat, Iran

Classic Men’s Physique
1. Mateo Vaihu, New Zealand @mateo_vaihu_ifbbpro
2. Chen Kang, China
3. Kenny O’Malley, New Zealand @kennyomalley_ifbbpro
4. Nelson Lopes, United Kingdom @nelsonlopespt
5. Paul Vu, Australia @paulie_v_ifbbpro
6. Zoheb Razak, New Zealand
7. Chang Keun Kim, (CK Kim) Korea @fitsta_ck

Men’s Physique
1. Sam Andrews, New Zealand @samandrewsifbbpro
2. Omid Eskandari Ghazikalaya, Iran
3. Jeremy Tevaga, New Zealand @jeremytevaga
4. Viet Doan, Australia
5. David Taghai, Iran
6. Winner Zhai, New Zealand
7. Shahram Nikbakht, USA @ifbbpro_shahramnikbakht