How To Create A Website

You aren't alone in thinking the process of creating a website is a daunting undertaking. The process is less stressful if broken down into its component parts. Whether you are wanting a website for your Fortune 500 business or a fitness oriented spa, gym or personal training business the challenges are the same.


Major aspects of the process include:

-Register a domain name that will represent your


-Set up a web hosting account, which is the location

from which your website content will be housed.

-After deploying your initial website design and content continue to build that content through photo, video, blogs, galleries, and ecommerce when there are products to sell. There are many helper tools online that are available for free to assist with your online marketing to help you get higher placings in search engine rankings such as google that are useful to consider once your website launches.

-Nick Schäferhoff provides an in depth explanation of some of the steps above to get you off and running with your new website: LINK


-Create a design for your website with visual and textual content oriented toward the purpose your website serves. There are various web editing software applications and Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow you to convert your design into the actual content on your site such as Wordpress, Wix, Joomla and more.

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