Importance of Google My Business

Image Formatting

December 7, 2019

by John Hawley



Lots of attention is being paid among web development professionals to the role of Google’s My Business listings associated with searches for businesses that sell goods and services. If you have a business even if you don’t have a website you could have an auto-generated listing of your business that serves as a hub for customer reviews, posted photos along with a Google Maps generated image of your business location even if it is your home.

Aside from the meat and potatoes issues of how best to manage all the bells and whistles of Google My Business just know that the photos posted once you claim your listing will have a principle marketing tool in attracting potential clients.

David Hunter, writing for published an article titled, The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business Photos.” In the article, he focuses on key aspects of preparing your image format and Google My Business categories to optimize these images on the site for the benefit of client prospects.
There are categories for images that once posted as “By Owner” or site manager for Google My Business you can then select from the “i” in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen. Categories include; Interior, Exterior, Product & Team. These are particularly helpful when you have a retail space you’d like to show off.

Image Best Practices include paying attention to format, size and dimensions.
-File format of images should be either jpeg or png with the smallest file weight for given dimensions being jpeg.

-File size minimum dimensions are 720 x 720 pixels with maximum file weight being 5mb.  
-Optimum dimensions are less than 1000 x 1000, but more than 720 x 720 and jpeg format for faster loading.

Per Hunter’s article, “A file with the name IMG_3778957364645 gives no SEO value to the image and will not help users find your business on Google. Instead, try naming your image something more specific to what the image actually portrays, such as blueberry-muffins-for-sale-in-erie-pa.”

The benefits of photos on your Google My Business include, ““Businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions and 35% more click-throughs to their websites”, according to a Google statistic.

Adding branded images to your Google My Business while likewise paying attention to your keyword optimization through copywriting for your website and other sites like and working your social media accounts and Google AdWords account is all a part of the modern digital marketers weekly to-do checklist. With no-click google searches on the rise and efforts by google to keep people on their service having up-to-date imagery in the forefront of their mobile user search queries for products and services gives your business a competitive advantage over those operators who don’t.

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