Non-EAT-Google Score PubCon

Oct. 17, 2019

While focused on the mechanics associated with improving your website content to better rank in Google search there are some Best Practice concepts that aren’t actually factors in the Google algorithms. More specifically matter such as “page load speed” and “image compression” are indeed graded by google and show up as scored factors in Google Ad Quality and Optimization scores.

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Expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness acronym EAT are all recognized goals to achieve for any website in drawing loyal audiences organically and through paid search, but EAT apparently has no official scoring criteria, but only indicators in google algorithms. This all according to Google’s Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst which has been widely reported after Pubcon Pro, the social media and search engine optimization conference in Las Vegas Oct. 7-10, 2019.
According to Marie Haynes take on Illyes Q&A at Pubcon, “Is there an E-A-T score? Gary: “There’s no internal EAT score or YMYL score. The Quality Raters’ Guidelines are guidelines for raters. EAT and YMYL are concepts that allow humans to dumb down algorithms. There is
noonealgo that looks for YMYL. He said that Google has “a collection of millions of tiny algorithms that work in unison to spit out a ranking score. Many of those baby algorithms look for signals in pages or content. When you put them together in certain ways, they can be conceptualized as YMYL. It’s not like we have a YMYL score though.”
He also said that “Multiple algorithms conceptualize E-A-T
More on the Non-EAT-Google Score PubCon
The Basics
1. Good URLs Are Critical
2. Canonicalization
4. Sitemaps
5. Use “<a>” with “
6. Internal Linking
7. Metadata Still Matters
8. Optimize for Google Image Search
9. How to Write Better Content
10. Use Ads Reasonably
11. Do You REALLY Need Those Interstitials?
12. Speed Is Super Important
13. Structured Data
The Complicated
14. JavaScript Sites
Mobile-First Indexing
15. What Does It Mean to Be Mobile-First Indexing Ready?
Rapid Fire
16. Subdomain vs. Subfolder
17. What Type of Mobile Site Is Best?
18. Mobile-First Indexing
19. Hamburger Menus
20. Fold-out Content
21. Got a Million Pages or Less?
22. Got Billions of Pages?
23. First Critical Content Load
Details for these items at LINK:

What does have to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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