2022 Digital Summit, Phoenix Seminar
Youtube Lead Generation Strategies To Boost Your Business:
with Presenter Desiree Martinez; for All-In-One-Social-Media
Contact info: @MrsDesireeRose & disiree@allinonesocialmedia.com

Image Gallery from Desiree's Lecture.

This was a deep dive into Desiree Martinez tips and tricks along

with her strong advocacy for use of Youtube as the cornerstone

of marketing in general.

Desiree provided a variety of informative factoids during the lecture:
-73% of US adults use Youtube.
-Only 9% of small businesses have their own Youtube channel.
-70% of consumers purchased from a brand after seeing a

Youtube video.
-Youtube content lasts longer and does more vs social media requires

constant creating.
-Youtube pays 55% to creators who qualify for the partner program.

Youtube Spinoff Potential:
1. Create a long and short-form video.
2. Create social sharing graphics.
3. Have a blog for your site.
4. Have a theme & foundation for an email.
5. All the SEO!
6. Lead source for your business.
7. Marketing that you can keep reusing.

Youtube Suggested formats:
-Common Q&A - answer your commonly asked questions.
-Informational - Keyword-driven with clickbait titles. These include lists, oppositions, opinions, new features, explanations, tutorials, strategy, reviews, and experiences.
-Product In Action
Note: Successful videos don’t require a star or person at all to be successful. Employees leave. Focus on products, service benefits with a customer focus.

Typical Voice types: CEO, vlog style, Day in the Life, Going on the journey with the CEO (exclusive access), and conversational.

How Long Do Videos Need To Be?
A: As long as they need to be.
But…they should not be long strictly for the sake of being long. Give your information clearly and quickly. Get to the point and don’t ramble.

How Do I Deal With Bad Comments or Feedback?
-Report & Block
-Filter words
-Comment based on policy.

Making Your Video Plan
Videos: Figuring out what videos you should be making
Titles & Thumbnails: This is the most important part of your video.
-Scripting: Deep dive into what you need to know to make your videos convert and keep them watching.
-Gear: What your options are for filming and recording videos.

Two Recommended types of Call To Action (CTA):
-Get On My Email List
-Give Me Money

Don’t Make It Hard To Buy
-Keep It Simple: When it comes to collecting emails don’t make it complicated. Don’t require email verification.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?
You want to ask:
-What is working for them?
-What keywords are they ranking for?
-What are their numbers?
-What is their CTA?

Search-Based Strategy:
-We want potential customers to find you based on the things they are searching for.
-One Keyword to Rule Them All:
-To do this you need to know what keyword phrase you can be found under and dominate.
-What does this look like?
-Based on your knowledge of your customer and your industry we are going to look for the words that will lead to you being found.
-This is why knowing your common Q&As and the problems you solve are important.

Competitive Research Tools:
-Youtube incognito mode.
-Keywords Everywhere

Titles & Thumbnails:
3-4 words on the thumbnail. Titles in copy should be keywords for SEO.
Thumbnails Should Grab Attention:
Pique their interest with a bold statement, promise, or claim (but be able to follow up) but it needs to be about them.
-Are you making these 5 mistakes in….?
-Make 100K more this….
-Stop hating your_____with this____

Use simple words that are related to anyone with the objective being to get them to click.
-How to___in # simple steps.
-Do you want to be_____?
These can be used to qualify your audience with key terms.
-10 advanced features in Facebook Ad Manager.

Communicate the Purpose of the Video:
-This is where you magnify and emphasize the purpose of the video. This comes with a promise.
-4x your___instantly with____
-Do NOT DO_____! Do this instead and maximize____
-Stop____and do____instead

Tools: Title-generator.com

Thumbnail Design:
-Do NOT use your title.
-3-4 words total
-Faces do better.
-Exaggerated style is good.

Scripts That Convert. At least go into it with an outline.
-Address the problem.
-Identify yourself and explain how you help people, specifically and quickly.
-Dive into the meat of your content.
*Tell them how this video will help them.
*Give a CTA to your opt-in.
*Simple conclusion with CTA to watch another one of your videos.



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