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Qualifier & Men's Physique Pro Show


February 17, 2018

IFBB Olympia Amateur Colombia South America IFBB Pro League Qualifier Results 2018
The event was held on February 17, 2018 in Medellin, Colombia
The event promoter was David Otero in association with American Media Inc (AMI).

IFBB Pro League Pro Card Bikini winners included:
-Augustina Blaufuks of Argentina and Raquel Gonzalez of Mexico who also went on to compete in IFBB Sheru Classic Colombia on Sunday placing fifth in her debut!
-Karelin Marte from Mexico took the overall in bikini and competed in Sheru Classic Colombia on Sunday finishing ninth. Her first national show was NPC National Championships in Miami in 2017 where she took third in bikini class-E missing pro card by one placing. Follow Karelin @kermarte

IFBB Pro League Pro Card Bodybuilding winners included:
-Boas Macorin of Brazil and Fernando Mendoza of Panama. Mendoza is trained by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Fello Cambronero of Miami who is also an IFBB Pro League promoter of several competitions including the new IFBB Costa Rica Pro League Qualifier in San Jose in October. Follow Fernando @ifbbpro_fernando_mendoza
-Jorge Trejo representing Mexico was the bodybuilding overall champion. Trejo has been training with Matt Jansen since the Spring of 2016 where they first took top-3 in the Mr Mexico before this Super heavyweight & overall IFBB Pro qualifying title. Follow Trejo @bodybytrejo

IFBB Pro League Pro Card Classic Physique winners included:
Jorge Yubei Palacios of Colombia and Julian Castano also of Colombia took the overall title Classic Physique. Castano is a personal trainer, coach and Blackstone Labs athlete. Follow the suave Castano @jeefmuscleifbbpro

IFBB Pro League Pro Card Figure winners included:
-Dora Mena of Mexico and Claudia Beatriz Sehnem Galhoti of Brazil took the overall in figure. Claudia is a seasoned athlete having taken third place in Bodyfitness at the Mr Olympia Amateur England in 2015. Follow Galhoti @claudiagalhoti

IFBB Pro League Pro Card Men’s Physique winners included:
-Alejandro Castro of Colombia. Castro has previously won titles such as the Mr. Dominican Republic. He competed in the Sheru Classic Colombia the following day taking 8th place. Follow Castro @itsalejotv
-Franklin Valverde of Ecuador after earning pro status on Saturday likewise competed in the Sheru Classic Colombia on Sunday and took 9th. Follow Valverde @ifbbprofranklin.valverde
-Rafael Ferreira representing Brazil took the overall Men’s Physique title and post postponed his debut. Stay tuned! Follow Ferreira @rferreirarafael

IFBB Pro League Pro Card Women’s Physique winner Gabriela Quiros of Costa Rica. We are looking forward to her pro debut.

IFBB Olympia Amateur Colombia

South America Pro Qualifier Results 2018

Augustina Blaufuks - Argentina- Bikini
Raquel Gonzalez - Mexico -Bikini
Karelin Marte (overall) - Mexico - Bikini

Boas Macorin - Brazil - Bodybuilding
Fernando Mendoza - Panama - Bodybuilding
Jorge Trejo (overall) - Mexico - Bodybuilding

Jorge Yubei  Palacios - Colombia - Classic Physique
Julian Castano (overall) - Colombia - Classic Physique

Dora Mena - Mexico - Figure
Claudia Sehnem  (overall) - Brazil - Figure

Alejandro Castro - Colombia - Men’s Physique
Franklin Valverde - Ecuador - Men’s Physique
Rafael Ferreira (overall) - Brazil - Men’s Physique

Gabriela Quiros - Costa Rica - Women’s Physique

IFBB Pro League PRO QUALIFIER Competition Rules

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