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Preparation for athletic events tends to be very detailed with specific training and nutrition with a spelled out course of action. Yet, most athletes don’t have the same level of support for accomplishing their off-field goals. People often ask me for advice navigating between the various media outlets and what they should do with photo and video to make a buck, which ultimately gave rise to BRAND MENTORING SERVICE, which I tried out as a "coaching" service in 2016.

We offer consultations in a public exchange with you as our guest on the Business of Bodybuilding audio show along with advice and suggestions. We can also set you up with a suggested course of action based upon your goals to either do it yourself or contract the services you need. No two people are the same or looking for the same outcome other than possibly to "get rich," which is far too vague of  goal and frankly not a very good one if you truly are motivated first and foremost by your commitment to health and fitness.


Note: This is not a management or agency offering, but a mentoring service to help clients better brand themselves. Florida Department of Professional Business Regulation permits talent agencies and management firms in Florida. The regulations are very specific that such companies cannot provide media services as we do. Thus, we DO NOT manage athletes or models. LINK TO REGULATIONS.

 providing photoshoots and video shoot services at competitive rates in Florida. We book individuals for fitness-oriented content along with commercial shoots for a variety of industries including real estate and manufacturing. Whether you need photos for your business or personal portfolio John Hawley of is available by appointment. We also provide online marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidance and copywriting services.  More Booking Information

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