9 SEO Metrics to Measure When Launching a New Website
Neil Patel’s November 11, 2019 video release.

1. Load Time. Key metric as lower load time effects SERP and conversion.
2. Dwell Time. Measuring how long visitors stay on site helps you improve your content.
3. Average Time on Page. Some pages will be doing well and pay attention to what they are doing versus per ones and duplicate what’s done on pages where visitors stay longer.
4. Percentage of Returning Visitors. Retention is important and will improve if you are doing a variety of things that Patel discusses.
5. Referral Traffic. The more referring traffic means more backlinks. Determine which referrals are driving sales conversions and focus on them for profit.
6. Organic Traffic. Look at total numbers through google search console and ubersuggest.
7. Bounce Rate 50% or lower for organic is good. Low bounce rate means visitors like the content.
8. Email Opt Ins. This well dramatically improve return of your regulars.
9. Pages Per Session. Look at behavior flow in google analytics to know where you need to improve.

Google Analytics - https://analytics.google.com/analytic...
MobileMonkey - https://mobilemonkey.com/
Manychat: https://manychat.com/
Google Search Console - https://search.google.com/search-cons...
Ubersuggest - https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/


Although Neil Patel is often seemingly covering the same topics in his videos each week he serves as something of a coach in getting his followers focused on doing the hard work that is never completely done. 

Enjoy the video. Take note of how much of this you may be currently doing and spend some time incorporating his tips into your web site development to increase your traffic and conversion rates into profits.

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