Northeast Florida Builders Association: Sales & Marketing Council Meeting & 3D Digital Meeting Lecture

By John Hawley

On January 10, 2020 we took advantage of the January 10, 2020 Breakfast Meeting opportunity to get insights into what 3D Digital Media recommends along with seeing the depth of their engagement with the NEFBA membership at their first meeting of 2020.

Christina Welch of Keller Williams Atlantic, the SMC Chairperson opened up the event.
Bill Garrison Executive Officer NEFBA spoke recognizing the attendance of Karen Brune Mathis currently writing for the Financial News & Daily Record. It was mentioned that the NEFBA SMC was awarded Best Large SMC in the USA by the National Association of Home Builders last year and that they are in the running again this year. The Parade of Homes media partner 3D Digital media was mentioned along with the date of the tour being April 25 - May 10.  Other news was given relative to the participants of the Parade of Homes needing to get their ads in before the specified deadlines.
There was a presentation by Parkland Preserve at World Golf Village and their age-restricted community Freedom Homes, a DR Horton development. They employ a Lifestyle Director who circulates a Lifestyle survey to new homeowners to determine their interests as they put on many events and publish an events calendar, newsletter, etc. This sort of thing was interesting to us marketing geeks.

The featured presentation was by 3D Digital Media’s Roxie Reeve, their Director of Digital Marketing who is also on the Sales & Marketing Council Board. Roxie has a Masters degree in Integrated Marketing and has been named one of Jacksonvilles’ Top 40 under 40. Her husband Fergus Reeve is a member of the NEFBA as a real estate agent for Keller Williams. Roxie had several others with her from 3D Digital including Joy and Sharon. This was also interesting as they were there to answer questions and get business obviously.


In Roxie’s presentation she focused on: 3 Free Marketing Tactics.


1) Blogging: underutilized she said providing long term value to website in Search Engine Optimization. In doing your writing rely on expertise. Strive to land Snippets in Google with your copy. She didn't expound on this, but we increasingly understand the hurdle including quality of ad copy, website loading speed, etc.

For time management reasons she suggested: Keep the blog articles short and sweet at 300-500 words & schedule your writing time on a calendar with for instance 24 commonly asked questions answered during the year as your topics. Two a month as an example here with deadlines planned in advance.


2) Voice Search orientation was Roxies’ #2 focus requiring we optimize our Google My Business account. With half or more searches now being from voice search and voice search results being 3X more locally-focused and targeting the “Google My Business” platform utilization of this resource is as key as your website in some regards. She noted one of the most important sales conversion tools is Google reviews on our Google My Business.


3) Video was Roxie’s #3 noting we are on average viewing 6hrs of video content online per day. Facebook loves video. She pointed out that Google owns youtube making it a keyword search engine priority. She mentioned the importance of virtual tours for builders & benefits of Facebook Live. She suggested 30-60 second videos for Facebook and to turn on captioning. Frequency of video should be “at least once per week.”

Tip: Stay accountable to our self by using helper tools like

Roxie’s 3 Paid Tool suggestions:
1) Social media posting with paid Facebook ads.
She noted Facebook advertising has a variety of matrix that allow more than post boosting:
-Targeting ads to region and topical search
-FB Leads ad and Web traffic ads.
2) Programmatic- targeting ads programming. 
-Geo-fencing targeting people in a building as an example.
-Conversion zones allow tracking
3) Chatbot- on website offering answers immediately to avoid losing leads who may not convert without some sort of immediate attention like a chatbot asking if they need assistance. She recommended


It was a fun time and we enjoyed it and learned a few things and were reminded of others!

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