3 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

A strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is the key to attracting new customers to your business. While there are many components to SEO, an onsite blog is an often overlooked tool. You can create shareable content, improve keyword rankings, and reduce your site’s bounce rate by keeping up with a blog. 

However, you first need to optimize your posts. This guide breaks down some of the main ways that successful bloggers optimize their content for better search rankings. By following these three tips, you can see results and reap the benefits of more site visits.

Choose the right keywords

Selecting the best keywords for your blog can be tricky. This is why some beginner bloggers stuff their blog posts with as many keywords as possible. However, this strategy looks spammy, and if Google’s search algorithm flags it, it might drop you in the rankings. 

As a rule, select one or two keywords to use a few times throughout your blog posts. You wan

Optimize your meta tag and description

Optimization doesn’t stop after you finish the blog post. Before you hit “publish”, it’s essential to write a quality meta tag and description. You want the meta tag to clearly describe what the post is about in the space provided while including your main target keyword. This title should catch users’ eyes while they’re browsing Google looking for a solution, so give them a reason to click on the link.

Create a link building strategy

High quality blog posts are the start of a stellar link building strategy. Creating quality inbound links around the web can improve your search rankings. However, finding places to link is not always easy. Online services like LinkGraph can help with link building, so it’s often worth the investment to hire a team to create a custom approach for you.



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