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2020 Florida National Physique Committee (NPC)  Bodybuilding, Classic, Fitness, Figure, Physique, Bikini & Wellness Schedule

by John Hawley,

General changes & commentary:

The organization is also known as the NPC Worldwide.  Their sanctioning meeting was held in Tampa on Saturday, December 21, 2019 and website updated as of the following morning.

The first contest for the NPC Florida schedule is March 14, 2020 the Sunshine State & CJ Classic.
This is the only show for the NPC in March the same as 2019.
There were no changes to the schedule except for date changes.

April’s 2020 Florida NPC schedule is the only month with a dropped show as compared to 2019, which was Ed & Betty Pariso’s NPC Military Nationals which was removed from the Florida schedule in 2020. The NPC Mel Chancey Champion Coast moves up to April 11, 2020 from October in 2019. The NPC Monsta Classic moves up to April 18, 2020 from August 2019.

May 2020 NPC Florida Schedule had a few changes.
The NPC Southern USA moves to June 27, 2020 from May 2019. The NPC Hard Livin moves to August 2020 & reverts back to the NPC Ancient City Classic name. The NPC Southeastern USA moves up to May 30 from June 1, 2019. Thus, basically no change.

June 2020 NPC Florida contest schedule had no changes to contest availability except for date changes of existing shows.

July 2020 NPC Florida Contest schedule had only one major change that being the NPC Topamania moved to August 8, 2020.

August 2020 NPC Florida Contest schedule had only one major change that being the NPC Greater Naples name change to Mel Chancey Harbor Classic after founding promoter Naples Giovanni Conigliaro being dropped from the promotional lineup in 2019. The new contest date is August 22, 2020.

September 2020 NPC Florida Contest schedule: no change except date changes.

October NPC Florida Contest schedule none except date changes.

November NPC Florida Contest schedule: none except date changes.

December NPC Florida Contest schedule as no change except date changes of the one Mel Chancey and Joe Pishkula Holiday Classic on December 12, 2020.

Contests early in the season tend to have more difficulty attracting large numbers of competitors, but there is doubtlessly hope that having the contest schedule out early as opposed to several months into the new year will allow athletes plenty of notice to prepare for the early contests.
Fourteen of the Florida NPC contests are on dates where there are two contests occurring in different parts of the state within 225 miles of each other. This is an improvement over prior years where there were three contests on the same date within less than 150 miles from each other. There are half a dozen contests being held during the busiest times of the hurricane season, which coincides with the busiest period of time for athletes to compete IF they didn’t prep and begin competing early.
As the Florida NPC no longer offers discounts for crossover entries and offers unlimited numbers of crossovers per athletes there is the potential that even with a good economy athletes will compete in fewer numbers of contests as the price point per athlete at each show is higher than in years past adjusting for extra revenue from non-discounted crossovers.
All of these events are listed as NPC National Qualifiers (NQ) except for the NPC Olympian Lee Banks Natural Championships and NPC Paradise Coast. This is a significant change for the Florida NPC as for decades the state leadership operated on a level system steering athletes from local, regional to national competition. This was a contentious issue for promoters feeling hamstrung by having to compete with promoters drawing potentially more athletes with less-muscle requiring divisions like bikini and men’s physique as compared to decades past when it took years if not decades to prepare to successfully prepare to be competitive on the NPC National stage.

With NPC athletes now being able to enter NPC Worldwide contests without qualification to compete for pro status the entire significance of National Qualification has been diminished as has the significance of “turning pro” as the total number of cards issued has gone up over the decades from in the ballpark of 50 per year to around 1000 with the increase in numbers of divisions and opportunities to compete although financial opportunities directly associated with “pro status” have dropped by similar percentages.
Congratulations to Tony Curtis on being announced at the 2019 sanctioning meeting as the North District Florida NPC chairman. Curtis has been promoting multiple contests for decades along with officiating and is owner of Future Fitness Gym in Lake City, Florida along with co-owner of Monsta Clothing along with Chris Cuadras who in the last year has become the default official photographer for the majority of Florida NPC contests.

MARCH 2020 Florida NPC Schedule
March 14, 2020 NPC Sunshine State & CJ Classic & Wheelchair Nationals
West Palm Beach 
Frank Dalto & CJ James 
FL SOUTH ZONE III (NQ) 561-627-9638



APRIL 2020 Florida NPC Schedule

April 4, 2020 NPC Panhandle Showdown
Pensacola Russ Mesey 
FL NORTH ZONE I (NQ) 850-499-2508

April 11, 2020 NPC Mel Chancey Champion Coast
Tampa Mel Chancey/Tim Gardner 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE II 813-243-7800

April 18, 2020 NPC Monsta Classic
Lake City Tony Curtis 
FL NORTH ZONE I (NQ) 386-697-6315

April 25, 2020 NPC Diamond Classic
Boca Raton Andres Miller
FL SOUTH ZONE III (NQ) 954-326-8821

April 25, 2020 NPC Olympian Lee Banks Natural Championships
(Steroid Tested)  Ponte Vedra Beach
Lee and Lafayette Banks
FL NORTH ZONE I  904-422-3251

MAY 2020 Florida NPC Schedule

May 2, 2020 NPC Riptide Classic
Panama City Beach
Mike McKinney/Vic Sellers 
FL NORTH ZONE I (NQ) 850-527-4479 or 850-541-2511


May 2, 2020 NPC Florida Grand Prix
West Palm Beach 
Serge Saric FL SOUTH ZONE III (NQ) 561-460-6000

May 23-24, 2020 IFBB/NPC Europa Games Orlando
Orlando Ed & Betty Pariso 
FL CENTRAL ZONE II (NQ) 817-498-3631

May 30, 2020 NPC Southeastern USA
Tampa Chris Eaddy
FL CENTRAL ZONE II (NQ) 407-474-8502

JUNE  2020 Florida NPC Schedule
June 6, 2020 IFBB/NPC Miami Muscle Beach
Miami Geobanny Paula 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 786-217-2110

June 13, 2020 IFBB/NPC Atlantic Coast
Lauderdale Tim Gardner  
FL SOUTH ZONE III (NQ) 813-243-7800

June 20, 2020 NPC Mid-Florida Classic
Orlando Deke Warner 
FL CENTRAL ZONE II (NQ) 321-276-3057

June 27, 2020 NPC Southern USA
Orlando Shannon Dey 
FL CENTRAL ZONE II (NQ) 407-757-2804

June 27, 2020 NPC West Palm Beach/Anna Level
West Palm Beach Frank Dalto 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 561-627-9638

JULY 2020 Florida NPC Schedule
July 11, 2020 NPC Southern States
Ft. Lauderdale Maria Bellando & Peter Potter
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 305-968-3318

July 18, 2020 NPC Ty Pope Classic
Lake Mary Ty & Joanna Pope 
FL CENTRAL ZONE II (NQ) 407-910-7074

July 25, 2020 NPC Dexter Jackson Classic
Dexter Jackson Gale Elie Chris Minnes
FL NORTH (NQ) ZONE I 775-375-5438

July 25, 2020 NPC/IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup
Boca Raton Andres Miller 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 954-326-8821

AUGUST 2020 Florida NPC Schedule

August 1, 2020 IFBB/NPC Tampa Pro/Tim Gardner Extravaganza
Tampa Tim Gardner 
FL CENTRAL (NQ) ZONE II 813-243-7800


August 8, 2020 NPC Topamania
Miami  Stan McCrary  

August 15, 2020 NPC Florida State
Orlando Deke Warner 
FL CENTRAL (NQ) ZONE II 321-276-3057


August 22, 2020 NPC Mel Chancey Harbor Classic
Punta Gorda Joe Pishkula & Mel Chancey 
FL SOUTH ZONE II (NQ)  937-536-9581

August 22, 2020 NPC MAX FIT Classic
Ft. Walton Beach Russ Mesey 
FL NORTH ZONE I (NQ) 850-499-2508

August 29, 2020 NPC Ancient City
St Augustine  Tony Curtis 
FL NORTH ZONE I (NQ) 386-697-6315

SEPTEMBER 2020 Florida NPC Schedule
September 12, 2020 NPC Iron Bay Classic
Tampa Jose E Santiago & Son Tran 
FL CENTRAL ZONE II (NQ) 813-440-9258

September 18, 2020 IFBB NPC Hurricane/Typhoon Bay
St. Petersburg Tim Gardner 
FL CENTRAL (NQ) ZONE II 813-243-7800

September 26, 2020 NPC Ruby Championships
Boca Raton Andres Miller 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 954-326-8821

September 26, 2020 NPC Daytona Beach Classic
Daytona Beach 
Tony Curtis & Mike Matassa 
FL NORTH (NQ) ZONE I 386-299-1314

OCTOBER 2020 Florida NPC Schedule
October 3, 2020 NPC First Call Out
Coral Springs Rich Alvarez 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 954-501-5858


October 10, 2020 NPC Muscle For Heart
Panama City Beach Mike McKinney/Vic Sellers 
FL NORTH (NQ) ZONE I  850-527-4479 or 850-541-2511

October 17, 2020 NPC Ultimate Muscle Extravaganza
Lakeland Deb Callahan
FL CENTRAL ZONE II (NQ) 863-812-8788

October 24, 2020 NPC Ultimate Grand Prix
Ft. Lauderdale Serge Saric 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 561-460-6000

NOVEMBER 2020 Florida NPC Schedule

November 7, 2020 NPC Klash Series All South
Joe Pishkula
FL CENTRAL (NQ) ZONE II 937-536-9581


November 14, 2020 NPC Paradise Coast
Ft Walton Beach Russ Mesey & Aaron Stillwater
FL NORTH  ZONE I 850-499-2508


November 14, 2020 NPC Florida Gold Cup & Amanda Marinelli
West Palm Beach 
Frank Dalto & Amanda Marinelli 
FL SOUTH (NQ) ZONE III 561-627-963


November 20-21, 20202 NPC Nationals Miami Pam Betz & Steve Karel

DECEMBER 2020 Florida NPC Schedule
December 12, 2020 NPC Mel Chancey Holiday Classic
Ft. Lauderdale
Joe Pishkula & Mel Chancey
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