10 Step Marketing Plan
by John Hawley










1) Marketing Goal: Firstly, determine what you seek to accomplish with your marketing campaign. As with all goals they can be specific and broad, short-term and long-term. If you write them all out and apply these steps to implement and measure results success will follow.

2) Campaign Concept: Once you’ve established a goal then develop the marketing concept around those ideas. Whiteboarding, sketching out all the components that come up from your brainstorming is helpful in establishing your campaign concept.

3) Target Audience: Recognize and identify who your marketing campaign is likely to appeal to. This includes who you want to appeal to and recognition of who it is likely to appeal to. While for many products and services a business may not care who makes a purchase as long as they make a sale it is still important to identify who specific marketing campaigns target audience likely is, which will help you further develop and then measure the success of your campaigns.

4) Market Timing: Easter is not a good time to be promoting Christmas sales and vice versa. Your Christmas sale or special shouldn’t be for six months either. Whatever you are marketing be aware of your audience and consumer trends relative to time of year and even time of week and day for things such as social media postings for instance. Recognize and identify your target audiences' most likely time for receptiveness to your marketing campaigns. There are a myriad of research data points available to reference regardless of your market that can help you develop the best time to launch and for how long.

5) Message Creation: Putting together the textual message for your marketing campaign should build upon prior steps including established campaign goals, concept, target audience and timing. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to this phase of marketing and especially beneficial when Internet platforms such as youtube, Facebook and IG are used. Research most searched terms related to the focus of your marketing campaign in creating the message. “How to” for instance is one of the most searched for content as with “DIY”. People engage with their cultural tone and language. How those words are delivered in your campaigns is crucial to the success of your campaigns.

6) Budget: Regardless of budget be honest and prudent recognizing how much of your marketing budget can be utilized for any specific campaign and the limitations and constraints of your budget. Blowing a budget on campaigns that are meant to be components of your entire marketing budget is not only irrational, but irresponsible and undermines your overarching marketing goals and potential marketing success. You cannot be a successful marketer by blowing your budget on campaigns that frankly weren’t likely in the short term to make or break you. Marketing for most businesses should only be a small percent of overall expenditures. Use your budget wisely.

7) Marketing Platforms: For decades print, radio and television were the core platforms for marketers, whereas in recent decades there has been an explosion of online opportunities on the Internet. Websites, social media and video sharing services are all integral to the modern marketer's toolbox. Document which platforms you plan to use, which of course ties back to all the steps above.

8) Creatives: Good quality photo and video are key to standing out from the billions of other messages competing for your sought after audiences eyeballs. With the advent of high-resolution image capture and video smart phones and sophisticated apps, it is possible to DIY your photo and video on the cheap. That said, you will likely be competing in the same space for an audience with much higher quality content.  Be honest with yourself and use critical and constructive thought to determine what you need to do to serve the success of your campaign relative to all of the above including budget, which if done right will add up to greater success.

9) Launch & Test campaign: Even professional marketers run the risk of “just do it” mentality regarding launching campaigns without carefully planning them using the above steps and then move on to the next campaign without accounting and documenting the positives and negatives of what occurred with each campaign. A soft launch and test of a campaign using the example of several farmhouse photos for a construction company on Instagram can reveal which photos got the best and worst responses that can then be tweaked to best serve the success of the entire campaign. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

10) Report & Measure Success: Every marketing campaign should have an epilog documenting what worked and what failed. As your campaigns pile up regardless of the number of failures along the way you will be able to identify threads of success that if you are smart about it can glean the keys to piecing together future successes.

While we all see the success of some who seemingly accomplished it without much forethought or planning even the accidental successes have elements we suspect or can recognize as what lent to those ends that we might duplicate. We surely measure success differently depending on our aims and objectives. Whether a Facebook post getting a thousand shares is the objective or converting one sales lead into money in your pocket is your aim use the 10 Step Marketing Plan above to help you increase your successes while striving for more!

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The Fitness Marketing Guide for the Modern Fitness Founder


Follow these 10 steps for creating your pathway to success developing, implementing and building your business through sound organizational and marketing strategies. Regardless, of the size or scope of the endeavor, your organization seeks to market whether it's for a Fortune 500 business or a fitness-oriented spa, gym or personal training business the challenges are the same.

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